Fiberweb Geosynthetics Ltd provides a unique range of value-engineered solutions. With unrivalled expertise and experience in geosynthetics, accumulated over 40 year period since Terram was first launched, the Company is committed to the development of innovative and cost-effective geosynthetic solutions.

The Company intends to lead the market in the design and manufacture of innovative geosynthetics, and continue to provide ground-breaking solutions – the next generation of Terram products.


  1. 1969.         Terram process developed by ICI.
  2. 1971.         Production of Terram commences
  3. 1976.         Boddingtons Ltd established
  4. 1988.         Terram business sold by ICI to Exxon
  5. 1998.         Terram business sold by Exxon to BBA Nonwoven
  6. 2006.         Terram business taken over by Fiberweb in demerger from BBA Nonwoven
  7. 2007.         Boddingtons commence manufacturing heavy-duty geonets
  8. 2007.         Boddingtons commence supplying porous pavers
  9. 2009.         Terram celebrates it‘s 40th Anniversary
  10. 2011.         Fiberweb acquires Boddingtons International Ltd
  11. 2011.         Fiberweb Geosynthetics Ltd formed to incorporate the Terram and Boddingtons‘ businesses
  12. 2012.         Terram and Boddingtons‘ products re-aligned under the Terram brand name

The categories of products manufactured and sold under Cirlock Brand are listed below:




Grass Mesh

Porous Plastic Pavers

Engineered Turfs

Underground Tapes / Meshes

Detectable Underground Tapes / Meshes

Cable & Pipeline Protection

Signs & Markers

Consumer / DIY

Application sectors:

Railways, Highways, Ground and Soil, Landfill, Pipelines / Foundations, Flood defence,