PROVIX: A Professional Camera System Distributer

Provix is Canada based professional distributer of camera vision systems applied to wide range of sectors, including Mining, Health, Iindustry and etc .

In the late 1990’s vehicle vision systems and rear view backup camera systems were sold almost exclusively for waste management trucks and recreational vehicles. System costs were prohibitive and were a major impediment to widespread deployment.

We developed a modular rearview camera system that offered simple installation, excellent operational performance, all at a competitive price. Lower up front costs provided the economic justification for deploying these systems, and the rest is history.

Vehicle vision systems are now common place: from the courier truck to your personal vehicle to municipal vehicles and we are justifiably proud to have played a key role in the widespread utilization of what was once considered a luxury item.

Some categories of professional camera system products are listed below:

  • Audits: Safety
  • Batteries: Cap Lamp
  • Bulldozer Accessories: Back-up Video Cameras
  • Cap Lamps & Chargers
  • Controllers: Remote Equipment
  • Instruments: Wireless
  • Loaders: Automation
  • Mining Automation: Guidance Systems
  • Mining Automation: Personnel Detection System      (Human Detection)
  • Mining Automation: Remote Control
  • Rock Breakers: Automation
  • Safety (Machine): Back-Up Alarms
  • Safety (Machine): Back-up Video Cameras
  • Safety (Machine): Strobe Lights
  • Safety (Personal): Mine Rescue Equipment


Need help? We use the products we sell and can answer any questions regarding installation and use of our systems. Please contact us.

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